another worth to buy shoes (: love it!




next trip after that delicious Fried Rices, Pancious - PI ♥♥♥


Mom's Vintage Jacket Jeans - Zara White Fringe Dress - Oxford Shoes

went to SAGOO rest. at Summarecon Mall Serpong yesterday, enjoying Nasi Goreng Babat, Mie Goreng Jawa, and Nasi Goreng Spesial!

Dont know what happen to my photobucket's account! so I uploaded the photos using the blogspot's!


Things that could make me smile :)

From Britzie ♥
Things that could make me happy and smiling!

1. my one and only!

2. foods! All of kinds! specially Spaghetti!

3. TEMMY! my boyfriend's puppy! Even she's not mine, I do love puppies! when I see her I cant stop smiling, because of her barks or else stupid act!

4. Fashion! I dont know when and where I start myself loving fashion and it can make me happy like a lot! love to mix my clothes and all from my closet!

5. FISH!! by seeing them downstairs my house, I can smile!

aaa, thanks dearest khamel. you always know what I wanted! :p

hahaha, feels like im the oldies lady from the past! haha :D
took this photo for Visa concern.


New Vintage Dress and Blouse :)

we ate Bakso Ndeso afterwards :)

look at this blouses and dress! I bought it this noon at "Pasar Senen"! Well even its a second hand one, I can wash it and wear it! I do love shopping there, as usual, I'll get a lot of Vintage Stuff! <3

I hate I've to wake up early to attend morning class!


new shoes ♥

went to Tebet yesterday, and I found cute oxford shoe! and I bought it! :p
well, been diggin this shoe for a long time ago, but havent find the right one!
how is it? =)


Me and Ting Ting Sister :p We met up at Pancious, PI.


Brand New Fringe

un-perfect human.

sometimes we dont get what we actually wants and what we actually needs in life.
we as a human will never find ANYONE whose perfect..
perfect in everything. everything means everything! If you got a pretty outside, it will not be as pretty as your heart.
I'm writing this without any offense.
This is what I've got til now I reach 20 something, haha.
I feel myself childish and very un-perfect as a human!
you may say you're the prettiest girl in your campus, but dont you ever think and say to your heart, do I pretty in and out?
Here you go, truly, I dont.
But it doesnt mean that I think that I'm the prettiest girl on my campus, oh no! I'm totally not!
I'm just an ordinary girl, blablabla..
Perfect doesnt always reflect about the Pretty girl, Handsome guys..
Perfect also means your kindness to everyone..

haha, I dont know what goblin inside me making me writing this. but truly! no one is perfect, since you're born! you're crying means you have your sins since you're baby!

Have a nice day!


I went through a tough day today.. hm.. lets pick the good side of it! I'm having such a nice girlfriends they want to see me growing up as a success girl!
Well, lets forget about it! I've talked about this privately with one of em, and I think she explained it to me clearly and I can understand about the situation and condition she told me! But seriously they took the wrong way by treated me like that! really.

OH OH anyway! I want to tell you how this super weird guys act, they asked the boy who sit next to me! I heard this while I was sitting waiting for my Boyfriend to come!
"hey are you the new comer? the'09?"
"oh yes I am!"
"haha, you do? is that the girl of yours who wearing the blue tshirt?"
"OH, she is not! she's the best friend of my GF!"
"great! come on tell me her name!"
"hm, she is Patricia"
and while the boy is keep on asking one of em shouted,"HEY DONT TELL HIM! HE IS PLAYBOY! HAHAHA" and in a sudden they all are laughing! I dont even get what they are laughing at!

Saw my Boyfriend coming to the place I was sitting, I stand up and we went to the car, we means me and Khamel, one of my unimate, We went to Emporium accompany Khamel to bought her auntie's thing.

Finish with Empo, me and my boyfriend dropped khamel at her dorm and we continue our day, we went to Mangga dua, well, went there not to shop! My boyfriend wanted to change his!Glasses Frame! and yea! He found one and.. we went home! AGAIN ONTHEWAY home WE GOT STUCKED at JAKARTA's fcking terrible traffic! and hell yeah even it was a huge jam! we're home! finally!

sigh! tiring day.. yet fun!




when love falls to the heart from the eyes.

When love falls to the heart from the eyes.

Dont care what people talk about love. maybe they dont know about what love is..
They do respect love when love give them happiness, but where the hell are people when love owe them happiness?

What are they actually needs from love it self?

Love give people not only happiness, love do give sadness as well.

When I first fallen in love with this guy am dating right now, it all was a wrong way to go!
I dont always smiling when I went through all of that time, but now yes I do! I do happy, even sometimes we have a fight or something bad happen to our relationship, its part of love!

hm, tell you, love sometimes give you damn! They are not always nice.
Sometimes they do hurts.

What you always see about love is to be happy, its just the outside row, you dont guessing what love is by yourself before you feel it. Before you know about what love is actually.
omg, I found Indo's traffic lately are so fckin terrible! I was tryin to reached home at 5, and we arrived at 7! mygod, please bless the Goverment to make this thing clear! and hey you the motorcyle rider! please stop acting like you own the whole road!! you drive like you're the one who own the road, you made a u-turn as you want to, you stop without telling! sigh.

Temmy just had her shower! She looks so pretty, but the picture looks not clear, so grainy.


Today is Indo's Independence day, I went to PS with mom :) Were having our lunch and dinner at my house.


with ♥,


There's Something Wrong with Esther

Yesterday's Manicure Result! ;p


delicious one! :)


at Steph's Home Sweet Home


I went to watch Aliens in The Attic! Ashley Tisdale is so tan right now!

omg I want this shoes so bad! excite me a lot!

I'll never think that I'm a perfect one. But still, I am hoping I am one of perfect ones.

I don't think that I have to get what I want and what I need by money. But still.. I'm hoping I could.

I've wishing a lot of things could happen to me and my life, even my life isn't that bad. But still, its not that good.

People can easily judge other by only seeing their appearance.. Not only them, me did.

Me my self trying to be as perfect as it is.. But no one can, even a person you loves one.

I'm living my own life without bothering others complicated life.

I do love my self more than anyone, yes that's true. But still, am loving him more than anyone in my whole lifetime.