when love falls to the heart from the eyes.

When love falls to the heart from the eyes.

Dont care what people talk about love. maybe they dont know about what love is..
They do respect love when love give them happiness, but where the hell are people when love owe them happiness?

What are they actually needs from love it self?

Love give people not only happiness, love do give sadness as well.

When I first fallen in love with this guy am dating right now, it all was a wrong way to go!
I dont always smiling when I went through all of that time, but now yes I do! I do happy, even sometimes we have a fight or something bad happen to our relationship, its part of love!

hm, tell you, love sometimes give you damn! They are not always nice.
Sometimes they do hurts.

What you always see about love is to be happy, its just the outside row, you dont guessing what love is by yourself before you feel it. Before you know about what love is actually.


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