un-perfect human.

sometimes we dont get what we actually wants and what we actually needs in life.
we as a human will never find ANYONE whose perfect..
perfect in everything. everything means everything! If you got a pretty outside, it will not be as pretty as your heart.
I'm writing this without any offense.
This is what I've got til now I reach 20 something, haha.
I feel myself childish and very un-perfect as a human!
you may say you're the prettiest girl in your campus, but dont you ever think and say to your heart, do I pretty in and out?
Here you go, truly, I dont.
But it doesnt mean that I think that I'm the prettiest girl on my campus, oh no! I'm totally not!
I'm just an ordinary girl, blablabla..
Perfect doesnt always reflect about the Pretty girl, Handsome guys..
Perfect also means your kindness to everyone..

haha, I dont know what goblin inside me making me writing this. but truly! no one is perfect, since you're born! you're crying means you have your sins since you're baby!

Have a nice day!


mike donna. said...

nobody PERFECT intinya LEBAI!! huahahah lols ;p

Stephanie said...

apa2an lo mike doonnnnce! hahaha :D RESEK!

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