I went through a tough day today.. hm.. lets pick the good side of it! I'm having such a nice girlfriends they want to see me growing up as a success girl!
Well, lets forget about it! I've talked about this privately with one of em, and I think she explained it to me clearly and I can understand about the situation and condition she told me! But seriously they took the wrong way by treated me like that! really.

OH OH anyway! I want to tell you how this super weird guys act, they asked the boy who sit next to me! I heard this while I was sitting waiting for my Boyfriend to come!
"hey are you the new comer? the'09?"
"oh yes I am!"
"haha, you do? is that the girl of yours who wearing the blue tshirt?"
"OH, she is not! she's the best friend of my GF!"
"great! come on tell me her name!"
"hm, she is Patricia"
and while the boy is keep on asking one of em shouted,"HEY DONT TELL HIM! HE IS PLAYBOY! HAHAHA" and in a sudden they all are laughing! I dont even get what they are laughing at!

Saw my Boyfriend coming to the place I was sitting, I stand up and we went to the car, we means me and Khamel, one of my unimate, We went to Emporium accompany Khamel to bought her auntie's thing.

Finish with Empo, me and my boyfriend dropped khamel at her dorm and we continue our day, we went to Mangga dua, well, went there not to shop! My boyfriend wanted to change his!Glasses Frame! and yea! He found one and.. we went home! AGAIN ONTHEWAY home WE GOT STUCKED at JAKARTA's fcking terrible traffic! and hell yeah even it was a huge jam! we're home! finally!

sigh! tiring day.. yet fun!


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